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Multi Gemstone Cuff Bangles In 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry (925SSB153)

: 925SSB153
: In stock

Rainbow-Calsilica Peridot Gemstone Bangle in 925 Sterling Silver

Gemstone Name:-    Rainbow-Calsilica Peridot Gemstone Bangle
Matarial:- 925 sterling silver    
Size:-   7 inch/8 Inch
Make:- Handmade
Style:- Gemstone Bangle
Gemstone Cut:- Cabochon/Faceted
Customization:-     Available For Personalized Gemstone   

The actual product may slightly vary with handcrafted items from picture.

Silver Gemstone Bangle is a classy and essential fashion accessory in every woman’s jewelry box. 925 Silver Shine has a classic collection of alluring silver bangles that are perfect for all occasions. All the silver Bangles/Cuff are handcrafted 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery and available in lot of designs. We have the best collection of Silver Bangles in 925 Silver Shine. We also customize any silver jewellery product according to the needo the Customer.

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These Gemstone Bangles made in 925 sterling silver with Natural Semi Precious gemstones. The Design And Unique Texture Of Silver Bangle/Cuff will add more beauty to your attire. All the work is Handcrafted & High Finished. 

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