Free Worldwide Shipping Over $500 Order Largest Online Wholesale Store

Free Worldwide Shipping Over $500 Order Largest Online Wholesale Store

Premium Quality and High Durability Sterling Silver Rings

From traditional tribal and modern contemporary pieces, say it all with wholesale moonstone rings from 925 Silver Shine. Shop from our widest collection of sterling silver gemstone rings wholesale.  Customers are thrilled to purchase the newest collections that artists design and are glad to continue designing unique pieces that catch the customer’s eye in a blink. Our craftsman creates bulk sterling silver rings for wholesale businesses. Accessorise cleverly with these sterling silver rings and add them to your go-to inexpensive yet valuable collection.

Individuals can indeed carry sterling silver moonstone rings with other metals and yet create a put-together look. The shades won't seem like you're whipping up jewelry. Frequently, you'll form a unique version of yourself with sterling silver rings.

Design Your Own Token

Every ring signifies a story. The rings you choose create a new story. At 925 Silver Shine, we believe each individual has a unique and fascinating tale. Moreover, we understand each soul has a way of styling rings uniquely. Hence, we've created our 925 sterling silver rings wholesale Collection to introduce hundreds of silver rings to shape your unique stories and various means to carry them.

Buy Wholesale Moonstone Rings

Let the Moon's mysterious charm bring mystery and delight to a whimsical yet sophisticated magic ring. The 925 Silver Shine moonstone rings feature the irresistible pull of the Moon and the force of the tides. It reminds us that though the moon doesn’t have the light of its own, it reflects the grace and the light of the sun to lead us through the darkest moments and render us the strength and spirit to drive forth and pursue our goals. With clear-cut lines and a modern touch, these 925 Silver Shine moonstone rings designs create sparkling sterling silver jewelry for your wardrobe. We design bulk sterling silver rings beautifully providing the very same grand look for every budget.

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